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Welcome to Islamic Center of Portland (Imam Mahdi Center) mailing list sign-up. We are working on starting a bi-monthly newsletter for our Islamic community letting everyone know the progress in our community and help everyone utilize his/her capabilities to come together for the sake of our beloved Imam Hussain (‘as).

This is an effort to help our community be aware of all that is going on and become stronger and get involved to provide a strong infrastructure to our next generation. Please help us in these efforts by singing-up. This will help our center know exactly how many members we have, what are our community needs and preferences and where you can get involved and help us.  You, the community, is what makes this center and you are what it will take to make any positive changes for our future and our children’s future.

Please encourage your youth to sign-up separately so that they feel they are taking a part in making this positive change. Please make sure to answer each question, this way we can reach you according to your interest and needs.

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