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Ayatullah Sayed Fadhil Al-Milani

Mr. Fadel was born Mr. Abbas al-Husseini Milani in Karbala on 5 June, 1363 Hijri, corresponding to the day 30.05.1944 from two families DFA known instances. his grandfather to his father is Grand Ayatollah Sayed Mohammad Hadi Milani, who died in 1395 AH, and his maternal grandfather is Ayatollah Muhammad Sadiq Caspian, who was arrested by the brutal dictatorial regime in Iraq in 1980 and was buried impact in prison, the largest in the world political prisoner by human rights organization promised.


Hajj Hassanain Rajabali

Hajj Hassanain Rajabali, is a popular speaker currently living in Dearborn, Michigan and has traveled worldwide to lecture on Islam. He is a graduate from the University of Colorado with a degree in molecular biology and psychology. Hassanain recently moved to Dearborn from New York where he was Principal of the Tawheed Institute and ran a successful Internet company called Netsite Corporation which specializes in E-Commerce and E-Business. Hassanain currently is the director of Camp Taha, the worlds first Muslim owned camp.


Sayed Mahdi Al-Modaressi

Sayed Mohammad Mahdi Al-Husseini Almodarresi was born in Kuwait in 1977. He comes from a scholarly family which includes supreme religious jurists (Marja'a) such as Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammad Taqi Almodarresi. His father is Ayatollah Sayyed Hadi Almodarresi, a prominent scholar, speaker, author, and ideologist in the Islamic world who has written over 200 books. His is a well known family that dominated the Hawza (Islamic seminaries) of Karbala, Iraq – his native city - for many years. Sayed Mahdi Almodarresi's lineage goes back to the Prophet of Islam, Mohammad through his grandson Imam Al Hussain (peace be upon them).


Sayed Moustafa Al-Qazwini

Al-Qazwini initiated his higher religious studies in Qum, Iran. During 1987-1989 he served as teacher of Islamic Studies at the Islamic seminary in Damascus, Syria. From 1989-1994 he contributed as associate Imam and professor of Islamic Studies at several Islamic centers and foundations in London, England. Shortly after his arrival in California in 1994, Sayed Moustafa Al-Qazwini became the founder and director of the Islamic Cultural Center of San Diego, California. This center was the first Shia mosque established in San Diego County for religious and social events.

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